As part of our vision, Upper Hand believes that quality, accountability and proactivity should be all reflected in our company DNA.  We encourage individual initiatives and promotion to always review and improve how and what we do.

Upper Hand conducts business responsibly in a way which it takes everyone’s health and wellbeing into account, regardless of being an employee, supplier, client or otherwise affected by our company.

Respect is our core value; we encourage and appreciate diversity and promote health and wellbeing in our society and workplace.

At Upper Hand, we believe that environmentally sustainable business is essential for consistent profitability and growth.  It is important to us to be a leading solution provider that also helps businesses lower their environmental footprint. 

With today’s best retail technology products and solutions, we are striving to minimize waste of paper, ink, and resources for all of our customers.  Providing our customers with environmentally friendly knowledge on how transport, store and sips of our products.