Upper Hand, founded in Australia in 2023, is owned and operated by Retail Industry Technology Solutions Pty Ltd, a provider of technology solutions that enhance both business performance and customer experience in the retail industry.

Focusing on customer experience, we provide easy to use technologies with flexible operation capability from any device. Our goal is to provide businesses the most cost-effective, environmental, efficient, and customized solutions based on different industry and requirements.  Our fast, robust, interconnectable and scalable, labelling and marketing technology solutions empower world’s top retailers, small and large, from grocers to DIY, electronics, specialty stores, warehouses and the automobile industry.

We help retailers in Australia solve some of the key in-store challenges, like meeting the new retail demands and improving their operations and task management.

At Upper Hand, we take pride in delivering game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt and scale. We carry our clients to success in a fully connected world with best available retail technologies to help complete their business transformation.

With ever increasing number of products, price changes, expiry dates, stock and seasonal changes; adjusting and updating prices continues to be one of the biggest costs and challenges of retail businesses. The amount of time it requires to change, update and keep up also creates a lot of unwanted errors, waste of paper, ink, equipment and most importantly, a serious waste of resources.

At Upper Hand, we are dedicated to help Australian retail businesses evolve into a more welcoming, environmental, efficient and smart 2.0 companies. Getting rid of most of the controllable expenses, improving productivity, sales and profits and most importantly reducing the environmental footprint of each and every one of our customers.